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    African Travel Gateway cc

    Established in 1996, African Travel Gateway was one of the first tour operators in South Africa with a strong web presence. In a nutshell we sell Southern and East Africa to inbound travelers. Our services vary from hotel & lodge bookings, to car hire, local & regional flights, day tours...
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    Beat About The Bush Tourism Services

    For many visitors, a safari to Africa is the trip of a lifetime but as with anything, the people involved with providing the service can make or break the experience. This is particularly true if the person that you spend at least 8 hours per day with – namely your guide – is not living up to...
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    Kukummi Safaris cc

    Kukummi Safaris offers tailor-made tours and safaris through beautiful Southern Africa. Personalized itineraries, off the beaten track, attention to detail, small-scale lodges and guesthouses as well as affordability are some of the ingredients that we pride ourselves on. The African continent...